Chicken meat – good for kids

chicken meat for kids

Poultry plays an essential role in preventing anemia at a young age because it contains an increased amount of iron. It is the first meat a baby should be served when diversifying their diet. Besides its effect against anemia, chicken is also a great source of first-class proteins, which provide energy for the organism and […]

The guide to the healthy diet of a school child

back to school with a good snack

The diet of a school child is very important because at this age the he goes through a stage of continuous growth and development, so let`s see what it means to have a healthy nutrition . If we talk about calorie intake the needs of the child are greater than the needs of an adult […]

Health benefits of honey for children

honey for kids

Not infrequently considered as wonder food, honey is a unique and extremely healthy product for our children as well as for us adults, thanks to its abundance of organic substances that it contains. Often used simply as sweetener or as a powerful natural energizer, honey also has the advantage of being easily assimilated even by […]

Healthy foods and ingredients for your kids’ snacks

spring breakfast for child

First let’s see what we understand when we say healthy foods or healthy eating? By eating healthy we understand not only what we put in out mouth but also the attitude we have towards food and our bodies. Of course people have different perceptions of healthy eating according to various factors the first being cultural, […]

What is a healthy nutritious snack?

nutricious and healthy snack recipe for kids

Healthy snacks for kids A healthy snack is as important for the growth and development of your child as a healthy meal. Kids have a smaller stomach than adults and cannot benefit from all the nutrients they need by having only three meals per day. Children also need a snack to keep them energized and […]