Health benefits of honey for children

Not infrequently considered as wonder food, honey is a unique and extremely healthy product for our children as well as for us adults, thanks to its abundance of organic substances that it contains.

Often used simply as sweetener or as a powerful natural energizer, honey also has the advantage of being easily assimilated even by the most sensitive stomach.

honey for kids


What makes honey a highly beneficial food for our bodies are the approximately 400 organic substances that it contains. When talking about vitamins the most frequent ones found in honey are those from the B complex, as well as the C, A, D and K groups, moreover honey also has several minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. 

Honey is also considered to be a natural antibiotic if we take into account the amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes in it. As we already said honey is also used as a potent natural energizer, a single spoon of honey has approximately 64 calories, compared to the same quantity of sugar which provides our body with 50 calories.

The darker one ( honey )  has a higher nutritional value then the more transparent one. This bee made product can successfully turn into an incentive used for your child’s digestion which is sometimes problematic, supporting bowel movement and thus helping the body eliminate toxins.

Honey can prove its amazing abilities when it comes to maintaining a healthy hormonal balance as well, favoring the regulation of the glands in our body.

There are various ways in which we can integrate honey in the preparation of snacks for our children, from simple sandwiches to fruit salads, or as a sugar substitute which is consumed in excess by our little ones.

Many diseases can be prevented in children if they consume more natural honey:

-          Diabetes: many studies recommend substituting the sugar from your daily intake with honey, because it leads to a decrease of approximately 60-70% in the occurrence rate of diabetes.

-          Obesity: we know this to be the issue of our century and in recent years obesity has become an alarming problem for children as well. Although it has more calories, honey is recommended because it doesn’t cause addiction, as other products that are sugar based (cakes, chocolate, juice).

-          Constipation: thanks to its numerous organic substances, if consumed frequently, honey can efficiently prevent bowel problems in children.

-          Osteoporosis: honey, by means of its royal jelly quantities contained, has the capacity to provide our bodies with estrogen hormones, which have a very important role in setting calcium in our bones. The lack of calcium is a current issue that affects many children.

It is also worth mentioning that honey shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities.

For instance, honey shouldn’t be given to infants at all as they may be sensitive to some microorganisms in the product.

Children between 1 and 3 years old may consume 2-4 teaspoons of honey every day, and those between 3 and 6 years old even 4-5 teaspoons per day. Adults can consume about 100 grams of honey daily.

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