The guide to the healthy diet of a school child

The diet of a school child is very important because at this age the he goes through a stage of continuous growth and development, so let`s see what it means to have a healthy nutrition .

If we talk about calorie intake the needs of the child are greater than the needs of an adult but they will steadily decrease as the child grows. Basically a 6 year old child needs approximately 1800-2000 calories per day of which, 60-65 grams of proteins, 60-65 grams of lipids/fats, 200-250 grams of carbohydrates, these values being just a rough guide, depending on the child’s gender, weight, height and physical effort made.

back to school with a good snack


The diet of a school child (including primary meals and snacks) must vary a lot: lots of fruits and vegetables, milk or dairy products, fish and lean chicken meat, turkey, beef, vegetable fats, carbs (wholemeal/wholegrain pasta, brown rice, wholemeal bread, potatoes – preferably red ones, sugar (but pay attention, do not include extremely refined sweets that you can find in convenience stores, chips, and croissants with lots of cream).

 How should a daily menu look like for a school child?


1. Breakfast

 It is the most important meal of the day (but not the most filling) and should be a very important source of calories, fibers, iron and calcium. A small breakfast will keep obesity at bay, tiredness, apathy and lack of focus while at the same time helps your child be less prone to all kinds of colds and viral infections! The child can eat healthy snacks such as milk or yogurt with wholegrain cereal, bread with butter and jam, marmalade, peanut butter, omelet with egg whites, cheese and veggies, cocoa milk and wholegrain or oat biscuits.


2. At school the child should have his first snack which would ideally include some fruits or a sandwich made with butter and cheese or hard cheese and capsicum, radishes, tomatoes, carrots. I personally don’t advise you to put anything sweet or sweetened beverages in his lunchbox which will spoil his appetite!


3. Lunch.

It`s the most substantial meal of the day and it should be a warm one. Some ideas may include: soup or borsch, potatoes (never fried) pasta, rice, veggies, peas with various vegetables, meat or fish with veggies on the side, and assorted salads to accompany the main courses.


4. The time has come for a new snack which may consist of: fruits or raw veggie sticks, fruit tarts or apple pie, pumpkin and other seasonal fruits.


5. Finally comes supper which must be served at least 2 hours before bedtime (but not past 8pm). Here are a few examples of a light and healthy supper: brown rice with veggies, salad and meat, baked potatoes with cheese or yogurt, greens, green salad, a pasta pudding.


All of the above are just some examples of the daily menu for school children, the important thing is to include healthy ingredients and not disregard some nutrients from the child’s daily meals and snacks.

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