Chicken meat – good for kids

Poultry plays an essential role in preventing anemia at a young age because it contains an increased amount of iron. It is the first meat a baby should be served when diversifying their diet. Besides its effect against anemia, chicken is also a great source of first-class proteins, which provide energy for the organism and protect a child’s health. Learning how to properly cook the meat for a baby is an important skill, as well as finding interesting recipes to vary their menu.

When should poultry be introduced in their diet?

There is no right answer to this question, as every individual is different. As a hint, some pediatricians recommend its introduction in a child’s diet between their sixth and eight months, while others claim it’s best to wait for at least ten months before feeding poultry to our little ones, just to allow their digestive systems to fully process the meat and avoid any unpleasant allergic reactions. Our best advice is to ask your pediatrician what the best age is to introduce this element in a baby’s diet.

chicken meat for kids

What vitamins and minerals does it contain?

Meat is an important aliment in a child’s dietary not only because of its high levels of iron and good quality proteins, but also because it contains essential amino acids for a healthy muscular growth. Furthermore it also has the vitamins and minerals the body needs to develop, such as Vitamin A, Vitamins B1, B2, B9 (folic acid), B12 and Vitamin D.

Fighting anaemia is the most important feat poultry has over children’s health, but that is not the only benefit their organism gains, as this kind of meat has other therapeutic and prophylactic properties. For example, it stimulates growth by hardening their bone system and by enhancing muscle and tissue development. Moreover, it strengthens the immune system and provides energy for the organism, as well as it improves denture health and the functions of the central nervous system (in other words, it has a relaxing, anti-stress effect).

How to choose the best chicken meat?

It can be found in many varied forms over the market, ranging from whole chicken to innards to separate pieces. The most recommended parts of it for a baby’s nourishment are the legs and thighs, as they are rich in iron and are easily mashed and digested. Chicken breast is not to be excluded either, as nutritionists claim it has the highest protein levels and the lowest quantity of unhealthy fats. It is recommended though, that this meat is served to the child only after the age of 10-12 months, when their teeth start growing and the texture of the meat is easier to tolerate by their digestive system.

Always choose the poultry which comes from eco environments. The chicken are grown under natural conditions, their nourishment excludes growth hormones and antibiotic treatments, which can affect your child’s development. The most important criteria in choosing chicken meat are the due dates. Only buy the meat from trustworthy shops and pay attention not to buy it past its due date. Also, cook it as soon as you can or put it in the freezer to prevent alteration.

Chicken nsandwich for preschoolers

Chicken meat  is one of the best foods to be served at lunch. When first serving it to a child, closely watch their reactions, looking for side effects or allergic reactions. Poultry is always served after being thermally processed, either by boiling it on the hob or by steaming it. The best way to cook it is in the oven because it retains most of the essential nutrients the aliment contains.

Barbeques are to be avoided at the beginning of the diet diversification, as its tendency is to only partially cook the meat. Children only have to eat thoroughly cooked meat, as there is a risk of salmonella (dangerous bacteria, found in raw meat) infection. Well-boiled chicken meat turns white and shows no sign of pink. It generally boils within an hour and the more thoroughly boiled the better taken by the sensitive digestion system of the baby.

Being introduced for lunch, chicken meat can first be combined with vegetables from soups or mashed. Odd as it may be; poultry can also be combined with fruits, especially with apples and veggies which naturally contain Vitamin C help iron absorption for the organism. Depending on your creativity, you can test all kinds of fast snacks using chicken meat.

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