The guide to the healthy diet of a school child

back to school with a good snack

The diet of a school child is very important because at this age the he goes through a stage of continuous growth and development, so let`s see what it means to have a healthy nutrition . If we talk about calorie intake the needs of the child are greater than the needs of an adult […]

5 easy healthy road trip snacks for your kids to enjoy

pizza roll-ups trip snacks

It’s time for a break! So you pack up your family in the car and you go on a road trip or better yet on a well-deserved vacation! But before the fun and relaxation begins better check the essentials list one more time first. The clothes have been packed, the toothbrushes and other toiletries – […]

No-meat diet for kids? Advantages and creative ways to make veggie snacks

no meat diet for kids

If you have a kid, then you must have a snack prepared and at hand especially in the afternoon, when they simply raid the kitchen and state the fact that they are totally starving. In this period, having a healthy snack at hand seems like a good idea, but you should consider the fact that […]

10 best healthy snacks for your kid’s dinner

forest furits salad for kids

Before cooking your family dinner, why not give your kid a healthy snack that you have prepared together. It’s the best way to make him conscious of the nutritious value on food and that it can be quite fun to eat healthy. Here are some  best snack ideas to grab  before dinner  that you and […]

5 Easy and Healthy lunchbox snack recipes and 5 bento box ideas for your kids’ nutritious break

red apples

  Let’s start with some fun bento boxes ideas that take a matter of minutes to assemble and your kids will definitely get a kick out of them. You must, however have your trusty cookie cutters with you at all times.   All of the chosen bento box recipes below provide your child with foods […]

10 Fun healthy snack ideas for your kid’s lunch


Here are some delicious healthy ideas for kids lunches that will make your kid’s lunch one of his favorite time of day.  1. Yummy Tomato Soup You will need: –          4-5 peeled tomatoes –          1 onion –          1-2 cloves of garlic –          1- 1 ½ l vegetable broth –          basil Simmer your peeled tomatoes with a […]

10 healthy fun snacks for your kid’s breakfast

a healthy snack with egg and avocado

When we think about preparing a healthy breakfast for kids  our options are endless. But how can we make breakfast, which is said to be the most important meal of the day, as healthy and as energy filled as it should be. Well, here are some healthy snack recipes which you can serve to your […]