Keeping Kids Healthy with Healthy but Tasty Snacks

“Don’t eat that, you’ll spoil your appetite.” I’m sure we’ve all heard that before, but how many of us were given a fun and healthy snacking alternative by our parents when we were growing up.

I remember sneaking homemade cakes into my mouth whenever my grandmother wasn’t looking, and when lunchtime or dinnertime came I’d be sick with sweets.

Keeping Kids Healthy with Healthy but Tasty Snacks

Why not indulge kids in what they want to eat but give them something healthy as well. Snacks are becoming an increasing concern for parents nowadays as there is an overall tendency to aim towards a healthier lifestyle and avoid obesity.

The percentage of overweight children in the United States is growing at an alarming rate, with 1 out of 3 kids now considered overweight or obese.

At the same time we need to realize that preventing kids from becoming unhealthy or overweight starts with parents setting an example, creating a positive and relaxed atmosphere during meals, establishing an eating schedule for the whole family and providing nutritious but also tasty food.

healthy vegetables for kids snacks

Is this so hard to balance? Let’s face it which kid would rather nibble on a carrot when he can have chips, hamburgers and ice-cream? And who has the time to prepare at least 3 snacks a day when life has become so stressful?

Well that’s where we come in and tell you not only that it doesn’t take that long to prepare a  treat for your kid but the benefits last a lifetime and it will show in your child’s development.

As I am sure no one wants to see their kid make faces or worse throw a fit when they have a plate of veggies in front of them there are steps we can take to make our kids give up those chips and fast food and go crazy for better food .

Whether you need healthy snacks to make at home or healthy snacks for your kids at school you’ve come to the right place.

First of all, let’s look at some ingredients that are used to make healthy snacks for kids that they actually enjoy.

healthy snack for kids : yogurt and grains recipe

Cheese – it is a kid–friendly snack that gives enough protein to keep energy levels high until dinnertime. It can be cut into different fun shapes with a cookie cutter to make it more interesting for kids.

Peanut butter – is rich in protein and fiber and kids find it very yummy. You can try making silly sandwiches or pair it with raspberries or any other fruit for a healthy snack on the go or for school.

Whole grain cereal – have vitamins, calcium and fiber and paired with some milk and fruit means having a power-packed snack and a healthy start to the day.

Yogurt – low-fat yogurt is a great source of calcium and kids love it if you dress it up a bit. You can combine it with fresh berries or any kind of fruit, you can freeze it into shapes to make yogurt pops, etc.

Eggs – are another source of protein that can be made quickly for an on the go snack either boiled of scrambled and rolled up in a flour tortilla.

Sweet potatoes – packed with vitamin A and good sources of vitamin B6, C and folate. They are a great alternative to the greasy variety in stores.

Hummus – now this is my personal favorite. It is made with pureed chickpeas and makes into an excellent dip for kids. It is amazingly delicious and contains folate, vitamin B6 and iron. It is served with cut up vegetables or salt-free crackers.

Noodles – an ideal source of complex carbohydrates, and if you pick some in your child’s favorite shape he will enjoy eating them all the more.

Pears – also rich in fiber and available all year round, they come in many delicious varieties.

Tomatoes – combining it with cantaloupe, apples and a hint of lime your child will have the benefits of Vitamin A and C from the melon, fiber from the apple and magnesium from the tomatoes this healthy and delicious snack is a huge winner.

These are only some of the ingredients to the most popular snacks for kids but the truth is almost any fruit and any vegetable can be made attractive to our kids when presented in the right light. You have to choose for your picky eater his favorites from all the food types and keep snacktime fun.

You will find many ideas here that will help you be responsible for your child’s education when it comes to food, so he will be able to not only develop into a healthy adult but also enjoy the taste of a nutritious healthy snack.

So get creative with your fruit and veggies and start making those smoothies and sandwiches today!

Your kid will love you for it!


Article: Keeping Kids Healthy with Healthy but Tasty Snacks